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08-17-2011, 07:57 PM
ASD Publishing is seeking non-fiction submissions for a book to be published in late 2012 or early 2013 - edited by therapist Pamela Milam, MA, LPC (who's first book will be out in spring 2012). The book will be a collection of personal essays that represent growth and change in a person's character over a long period of time.

Have you ever written a smug or sanctimonious letter to a person, business, political party or some other entity and completed believed in your convictions at that time – but now years later have changed your views? Ms. Milam is seeking those very stories that pointed out and commented on the other’s choices, behavior, character -- a letter about integrity and/or righteousness or self-righteousness early in life - only to have done a complete about-face later. If the person still has the letter to share as a copy, it will be even better. Along with the letter, please include the story that lead up to the writing of the letter along with the after-story that showed a change in character in the person writing it. These essays will be compiled into a book for publication about personal growth. Stories can be signed by the author or published anonymously, and they must be true stories. Looking for original, unpublished pieces. Deadline is open until filled. Submissions should be sent to: info@asdpublishing.com

ASD Publishing is an independent book publisher based in New Jersey specializing in thought-provoking literary fiction, memoir, self help and personal growth non-fiction. No payment, but submissions used will receive a free copy of the book. By submitting to ASD Publishing, you are granting us the rights to use your work in this collection.