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08-17-2011, 01:04 AM
UPDATE: Visit us at www.bigworldnetwork.com and preview our pre-launch changes in progress. We are still seeking additional series for the Fall season. Although we will consider all types of fiction, we are in particular need of romance, drama, comedy and non-fiction series. The average length of each episode should be approx. 4 - 8 pages. We are also in the process of developing Kindle publications and pricing/royalties for all weekly series. Tentatively all weekly series will be published as one combined unit each week on the Kindle store. Details will be forthcoming for our series writers. Become a part of the development team. http://bigworldnetwork.com

BigWorldNetwork.com, a web and mobile presence that offers literature in an exciting format is seeking series writers. BigWorldNetwork.com is like television in book form, featuring weekly fiction and non fiction series in episodic format, engaging readers and keeping them coming back for more.

Initial contract is for one season, comprising 12 episodes published at one a week (there are two seasons per year for series that are renewed). Each series episode should be between 3 and 7 pages in length, but there is some flexibility depending on the series.

We are seeking the following fiction series: SciFi, Romance, Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Teenage Themed and Child Themed. There should be a continuing theme or set of characters, but each episode should be somewhat self contained, much the same as a tv dramatic series episode. No erotica, but there is some freedom regarding adult themes and language. As a rule, consider the current television guidelines when writing and stay within your selected rating. http://tvguidelines.org

For non-fiction series we do not want ‘blogs’ or political commentary. Non-fiction series should be interview series, science or technology based or just about any topic that will be entertaining and/or educational. But we do shy away from politics and news type series.

First season contracts are standard and are for 12 episodes. If your series is renewed for additional seasons, the contract terms are negotiable. Writers will receive the following:

* 25% of all ad sales from the individual series pages. A statement will be mailed electronically each month detailing clicks and revenue generated from your series.

* Each writer will have a by-line on your main series page. This will give readers and outside publishers information you choose to share about yourself.

* Writers will have links (active or passive) to their personal blogs, websites, or sales venue for published books and other material at the discretion of BigWorldNetwork.com.

* An email address will be assigned to each writer on the series home page. ie your.name@bigworldnetwork.com for readers to contact the writer. We do not have any requirements or mandates for responses at this time. It is for the writers benefit only. It can be linked to a personal email account that is not listed if you desire.

* Selected higher rated series may be optioned for publication as anthologies in paper and or eBook form under the BigWorldNetwork.com publishing banner. Paper and eBook publications will be a separate contract. We only ask that we have first right of refusal.

* All writers retain 100% copyright of their material.

* Residual revenue after the series will continue at 25% for the length of time that the series remains available on the website and other media for up to two years AFTER the date the series is canceled and the final episode is posted.

* BigWorldNetwork.com’s first season contract includes the publishing of writers material on mobile and tablet platforms. (This precludes stand-alone publications of eBooks or paper anthologies).

*BigWorldNetwork.com’s contract includes the option for an audio version of each episode to be available on the website and other platforms. In certain examples, the writer may be invited to narrate their episodes, but only at the discretion of BigWorldNetwork.com.

We encourage our writers to be creative and we offer a supportive environment for showcasing your work to the world. Consider your audience and provide entertaining episodes that keep the reader returning for more.

Submissions: We require one completed episode as well as a short summary of your series content. Submissions can be emailed to editor@bigworldnetwork.com as an attachment in PDF, Word or Pages format, but MUST include in your email an active link to the industry standard submission agreement. Example: I agree to the BigWorldNetwork Release Agreement Version 1.* at this location http://bigworldnetwork.com/agreementv1.pdf In some cases if it is unclear where your series is ‘going’, we may request a second episode for submission at the discretion of the editor.

Check out our website at BigWorldNetwork.com, but keep in mind there are almost daily changes and there will be a new design changes to provide a clean and attractive user interface before our launch this fall.

As we begin to select first season series, some genres are being filled and will be limited to maintain a balanced selection for our readers. We suggest (but do not require) emailing the editor with the type of genre you are planning on submitting, and we will let you know if we are no longer seeking additional series in that category (at this time).

Finally, BigWorldNetwork.com is the first of it’s kind, and we are offering our writers a little more freedom in format with submissions, particularly as we learn what works and what doesn’t for our readers. We are all part of something exciting and those selected with be ‘trail blazers’ for those that follow.

Have fun creating your series and enjoy writing for this exciting format, expressing yourself as a writer and showcasing your talents. Good luck and we look forward to your submissions! Questions can be directed to: editor@bigworldnetwork.com

Silver King
08-17-2011, 05:17 AM
Why does this exact same "opportunity" also appear in the Nonpaying Markets (http://www.absolutewrite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=222153) forum of AW? You either pay or you don't, right?

08-17-2011, 05:38 AM
I apologize for that Silver King. I am new to the board and placed in the wrong section and then re-posted in the Paying Markets. However we pay based on a % ad revenue for each specific series, and not per word. Cheers.

09-27-2011, 01:24 AM
I am the Managing Editor for BigWorldNetwork.com (http://bigworldnetwork.com/). Things are really taking off for the site as we near our official launch, but we need more submissions and help to get this site off the ground!

Submissions are for a season, a season being 12 episodes, and an episode being about 3-7 pages. Please prepare a synopsis for the entire season, and a complete episode one. No restrictions on genre or rating, as we have a rating system and want everything we can get. We are still working out how to make revenue for the writers, but it costs you nothing but your valuable writing time to submit and participate, and there is the potential for revenue in the future. You will also retain full rights to your work.

If you would like to help out with the site in ways other than writing, or along with writing, check out the contact us page and let us know! And please, spread the word, and tell us what you think of the idea in general, the site, the whole package, as we are looking to improve and make this something truly special!

For more information and to make a submission, check out the site here (http://bigworldnetwork.com/index.html).

Amanda Meuwissen

managing.editor@bigworldnetwork.com (jimmcgovern@bigworldnetwork.com)
www.BigWorldNetwork.com (http://www.bigworldnetwork.com/)


09-27-2011, 01:41 AM
Frankly, I'm not submitting because neither of you BigWorld people has given us any kind of idea what compensation might be. I don't want to see a percentage of an unknown quantity; that's meaningless.

You might sway people like me by guaranteeing a certain pay minimum, possibly more if the ad revenue percentage is higher.

Maryn, leery

09-27-2011, 03:10 AM
Maryn, thank you for your comment. We can completely understand your position. We hope as we grow and compensation is more possible to calculate and share with potential writers, you will have an opportunity to submit a series for our consideration. In the mean time we hope you enjoy our site after our launch and our eBooks on Kindle.

Amanda Meuwissen

11-10-2011, 09:58 PM
Thank you so much to everyone who has taken an interest in our idea. The site officially launched yesterday with 15 series from new and already published authors alike. The site has had some major overhauls since first created, so we invite you to check it out, and even consider submitting for future seasons.

Amanda Meuwissen
www.BigWorldNetwork.com (http://www.bigworldnetwork.com/)

Steve Coate
11-11-2011, 03:19 AM
Just throwing this out there for informational purposes (http://community.writersdigest.com/forum/topics/bigworldnetwork-com-television-in-book-form-looking-for).

Gale Haut
11-11-2011, 03:54 AM
Steve. I don't have an account for that password protected community. Do you mind giving us the gist of the link you provided?

Steve Coate
11-11-2011, 04:52 AM
Sorry, forgot that was a password protected forum. Guess that shows you how much time I spend there these days:) I was hoping to post the link so that people could read it and make up their minds about the market themselves.

Failing that...

It consists of three pages of writers responding to a nearly identical post as #1 in this thread that was posted on the forum Sept. 29 of this year by the Managing Editor of BWN.

The initial paragraph that got the most attention from responders was these two, emphasis mine:

"We are still working out how to make revenue for the writers, but it costs you nothing but your valuable writing time to submit and participate, and there is the potential for revenue in the future. You will also retain full rights to your work."


"Yes, the site will be free for readers. We do not want our site filled with ads, either. We are looking to publish eBooks of the series, however, and have print-on-demand options for hard copies available to the readers that would have a cost."

Some sample responses with the names of posters deleted, since it is a password protected forum (I've included Managing Editor's name because it's available to anyone who follows the BWN link in original post):

i would strongly caution writers against giving away so much work that cost them significant amounts of time and energy to generate for merely a 'potential' payment sometime 'in the future'...

I think one of the reasons that people may choose to read a book rather than watch a television show is because they have the whole book right in front of them, rather than having to wait an entire week, or even several months, to find out what happens. Sometimes the waiting period can make people lose interest. And I love how "We are still working out how to make revenue for the writers" is snuck into the bottom of your advertisement in the hopes that people will just gloss over it. And if your site is free to readers and you will not have advertisers, then you have no way to pay your writers. Allowing advertising on your site is pretty much the only and easiest way to make money. There probably are other ways, though I don't know what they are, and it sounds like you don't either. And if you don't know how you're making money, how on earth do you plan to have the money to handle all of the publishing costs?

But I will say, that I am impressed with the grand total of $20 that y'all are shelling out for coffee.

To be fair, BWN Managing Editor Amanda Meuwessen made a point of answering every question and addressing all concerns that were raised in the post in a timely and professional manner. And from the original post in this thread, it seems the advertising aspect was rethought since it states the writer will receive 25%.

Personally, this is a wait and see market for me.

That said, I do want to reiterate that originally I wanted to post the entire thread for all to see and make their own decisions based on the content and their own research. The above is just a partial sampling.

11-21-2011, 07:08 PM
In response to Steve's comments, and I do appreciate his approach of simply providing the content from other forums and being kind enough to say that we have tried to address all concerns, we do understand that this is an experimental idea. We also understand that not everyone writes for the sheer enjoyment of it, but for those who do, and who would like the chance for potential revenue, we are excited to provide an alternative.

Now that we are starting to grow our fanbase for the site, as well as with reviewers and bloggers, we are looking into ads on our audio episodes, which was always the initial plan. We just don't want the site itself covered in visual ads that could get readers to turn away.

The final specifics and percentages of what will go to writers has not yet been decided, as we want to wait and see the amount of revenue we can bring in and then fairly distribute what we can. While there are costs we need to cover, such as maintaining the website domain, paying the writers is priority, and we truly appreciate the many series and submissions we have been getting from others who believe in this concept.

By all means, wait and see what happens for yourselves if you are not comfortable submitting at this time, but please check out some of the current series we have running.

Amanda Meuwissen

managing.editor@bigworldnetwork.com (jimmcgovern@bigworldnetwork.com)
www.BigWorldNetwork.com (http://www.bigworldnetwork.com/)

11-21-2011, 07:50 PM
I think it is an interesting idea, but don't have the time to invest without the assurance of a definite monetary gain. I hope it works out for you and your authors and will def. check out the site. Like I said, the premise is intriguing and could be used as a spring board to a novel/novella when the series is complete. I see the author retains rights, so I guess one could also self publish and use this as a forum to generate interest, rather like the teaser pages avail. on Amazon, and such? Just thinking...