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08-09-2011, 01:06 PM
Here is my mummified werewolf paw I made today! took only two days to make!

Ok first off you buy not any sort of clay, clay that ca submerge in water, or what I did was water activated ones. I formed it in a shape of a hand, choose any side of the hand. Go buy anything fur like to cut it down to pieces, buy super glue Five small tubes of super glue. Form the hand in the clay, you should have acrylics and fake blood. Also fake nails.
Take the clay after forming it you put it in the oven below 100 celcuis *C. NOT FERENHEIT. for a few hours like 2 1/2 hours
Then after letting it cool down you can take the hat or cloth you had cut it into pieces for the hands fur. Then you should Stick the fur on with the glue, watch out for your eyes the glue can burn it plus its really strong smelling super glue. Buyglue that sticks when contact, if your afraid just don't wear gloves. So then you take the clay hand after the fur is done and add the claws.
It's like an easy make claw. Then you take the acrylics and start painting your object like you can see two of the fingers aren't there. So I added blood to it.... yum yum

Here is something I created two days ago

It's a laid down werewolf kissing a green skull that almost looks like nightmare before christmas film "Jack's skull"... Lets say Jack strolled a bit too far and got eaten by the werewolf and now the wolf loves his skull, since Jack's brain didn't help much. Can you see it now.

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08-12-2011, 11:47 AM