View Full Version : Writing buddy wanted. Can you edit my story?

Kardien Lupus
08-01-2011, 05:15 PM
Writing buddy wanted. Can you edit my story?

Iím not English native. I learned many aspects of English but I still have problems. I have new story writing plan. I developed my English in each story I wrote before. I feel I need good accelerating this time. I want non English native buddy like me. I think we can corporate to develop our English. I will also accept English native buddies. I want to help you in return. I can check your story with my little English sentence knowledge if you want it. I can give advice or criticize to you story. Iím active. I hope my buddy will be active like me. I write in sharp and hot style. I also love deep emotional feeling. My genre is Fantasy and SF. I donít like romance. Please message to me if you have interest. Please forget about my past story overheating in blow. I stopped it. Iím preparing my next story with my better sentence.