View Full Version : Need Beta for MG Chapter Book - under 10k words

07-28-2011, 05:17 AM
I have a scifi/fantasy early middle grade chapter book. Think along the vein of Magic Treehouse. It's about a boy who's strange Uncle Ted dies, and the boy inherits a house. In the house, he and his best friend discover a backpack that allows the wearer to fly. They go on an adventure, and discover a kingdom in the clouds.

I'm not looking for a line edit. I would like a beta focused more on character, story flow, and your opinion on if this would appeal to a child aged 7-9, rather than spelling and grammar. (mind you, if you see a word spelled wrong, point it out, but don't be niggly about comma placement and sentence structure).

I can take crit, so please don't go easy on me!

Interested, reply here, or PM.

Thanks all :)