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Wayne K
07-26-2011, 11:24 AM
My letter to the editor about a letter to the editor


This is a letter to your editor about the book, "How the Hippies saved Physics"

He defends a man who ruined countless lives. One in particular. Mine

George Johnson may know something about physics and the 1970s, but his review of David Kaiser’s “How the Hippies Saved Physics” (June 19) shows that he knows very little about Werner Erhard. To describe him simply as “the creepy human potential movement guru” was gratuitous and incredibly inaccurate.

Werner Erhard was involved with Synanon and Chuck Diedrich, and helped develop attack therapy, which spawned abuse factories like the Elan School and Straight Inc. I was in Elan. I was part of a Werner Erhard experiment for the Human Potential Movement. I was sent to Elan by Doctor M. Scott Peck. He was a member. The doctor who founded Elan was Gerald Davidson, another. After months of reading and networking with people who know the facts I'm sure of the fact that we were human guinea pigs for them and the government. Yes, the government.

In 1978 the government brought expert witnesses into a federal court to testify that Synanon's therapy--Something they called, "the game"--was brainwashing, and torture, and it was based on Korean torture designed to break trained military personnel, while at the same time they paid Doctor Davidson and Mel Sembler to use it on us.

The worst part of it is that the brainwashing worked. It worked well enough that there are hundreds of programs that use it today. They beat and torture children every day. They put them in dog cages and spit on them, and make little girls admit that they enticed the men who raped them, and dress them up like prostitutes and make them do lap dances for the men in the house. They kill them all the time with restraints, and kill the ones who survive by suicide

This is all perfectly legal BTW

I could go on for an hour about the abuse, but you get my point. My question is, how do I undo whatever it was that they did to me?

I didn't talk about Elan for 30 years. Never, to no one, ever. I qualified hundreds of times at AA meetings when I went, and never mentioned Elan. I did 3 ninth steps. The Ninth step approach was to write down my entire life in detail. I never talked about it. I did a pre sentence investigation before I was sentenced to prison, and I never mentioned it.

I've learned what they did to me in the past few months, but what I can't find is a way to undo it. I need to know so I can have an ending for my book.


Wayne Kernochan


If I sound a little like a conspiracy theorist, check out the lawsuits against Landmark Education. Erhard developed its program


07-26-2011, 09:55 PM
Wayne, dear, I'm sorry you had those horrible experiences. Are you familiar with the Rick Ross Institute? On their forums at rickross.com, there are many people sharing their experiences with groups like those you describe. Perhaps some of them might have some resources for you?

Wayne K
07-26-2011, 10:47 PM
Someone contacted me in a Pm and gave a few suggestions. Rick Ross wasn't one, so thank you for the suggestion.

ETA: They're one of the people Landmark Education sued. I'm going to contact them now. Thanks again :)