View Full Version : Requesting Beta reader(s) for completed novel.

07-25-2011, 07:08 PM
Looking for a couple of beta readers for my completed novel.

Title: False Magic: ~70,000 words.

Young Adult Urban Fantasy ?? - It seems to get harder to categorize these things every year.:)

What's this about?

Two young girls at boarding school struggle to figure out what is true or false about Friendship, First Love, Magic, and Class Warfare.

Amy and Brenda are two best friends who have their friendship tested. Both girls are very atypical, very smart, but still capable of doing stupid things. While a few snotty upper-class girls try to get rid of them, Amy experiences her first love. A number of strange coincidences cause Amy (and others) to suspect she might be a witch, but instead of making things easier, magical powers do not help or teach her the difference between what is true or false.

I'm looking for any kind of criticism. I think I have a thick enough skin that even a single line comment like "This is crap!" will still be welcome. Of course, I would prefer a specific explanation as to why it is crap, but all comments are useful.

If it doesn't hold your interest sufficiently to finish, that is good info too.

If you don't have the time to do the whole thing, I understand and will still value whatever input you can provide.

If interested, please PM me with any additional questions, and we may trade email addresses.

I am happy to swap stories (whole or part).