View Full Version : Iím Lesbian. I want writing buddies trough online, aspiring writer.

Kardien Lupus
07-21-2011, 05:21 PM
Iím Lesbian. I want writing buddies trough online, aspiring writer.

Iím Kardien Lupus. Iím living in korea, seoul. Though, Korean book market and culture is poor. It doesnít contain possibility and diversity. Itís like Korean society are heterosexual based. Queer still meet discrimination. Iím writing in English because I want much possibility and diversity.

My style is dark, sharp and hot. I want to make deep feeling story with these materials. I like adventure material because it makes me happy. I like Fantasy and S.F. I rather like post medieval set rather than common medieval setting. I like era which contain liberty and possibility. My recent favorites are Charlie Hustonís Already dead series and Bioshock1 and 2. I donít play game but I watch it youtube.

Iím now starting writing my story. Iím aspiring. I learned how important meet other people previous months. I need friend who have similar style and aspiring aim. I want to talk and share experience about writing and writing world. I need people who will walk with writing way. Iím currently writing my story to E publish it. Itís starting to me. Nation isnít problem. I can message through internet. If you like my word, please give message to me or message in my deviant page. http://kardien.deviantart.com/

Iím working in my current story Overheating. Itís about underground refuge. That is last place for human survivors. Young woman is my protagonist. One day she is suddenly involved danger in underground refuge.