View Full Version : YA Fantasy, Beta Needed.

07-14-2011, 12:18 AM
So my first ever completed novel is undergoing it's second round of partial editing. Its Young Adult fantasy, and I'd welcome any criticism you can give. Grammar Natzi? Bring it. One of those 'You're-using-this-word-too-many-times' sorts? I love you. Can spot a plot hole from three miles away? MARRY ME!

I do want to publish this eventually, but I'd like to get it right first.

When her mother is savagely killed on the night of her graduation, Amory's world is completely thrown to the wolves. Literally. There's a werewolf pack out for her blood and a lone vampire trying to save her. Too bad his 'saving' seems to lead them into more danger than Amory ever thought possible. Not to mention Kael's been declared a Blood Traitor for killing his brother, son of an Elder of the Coven he grew up in. When the call of Kael's blood and his duty to Coven colllide, he and Amory are forced to forsake everything they ever thoguht they knew about themselves, life and love in order to survive.

Erm, feel free to PM me, or drop a line here and I'll PM you, if you're interested! Thanks so much!