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06-13-2011, 01:50 PM
What is The Evertalis? (http://www.evertalis.org/)

The Evertalis is an online magazine dedicated to writers, artists and poets who think outside the box. We aim to put Surrealist and unorthodox/experimental works of creativity to the fore without prejudice, but also not exclude more mainstream art and poetry. Each issue will be the product of a quarterly competition centered on an individual -theme or concept- which we hope will help inspire creativity.

The Evertalis was founded by its former executive editor and performance poet, the late Rhodri Morgan. He decided that like-minds and co-surrealists deserved a place of their own: a community driven publication geared to the experimental, unorthodox, symbolic, subconscious, psuedo-spiritual, dadaist, cerebral, Bizzaro and other unclassified genres.

The competitions (http://www.evertalis.org/contestguidelines.htm) are intended solely for poetry, but we do also publish other literature. If you believe your artworks or written creations deserve to be seen/read and are fed up with being told you're either too esoteric or that what you create is too far beyond common comprehension, then why not enter The Evertalis contests? Or submit your flash fiction (no more than 1000 words), and artwork to us? As a community driven publication, articles and event reports and suggestions are also welcomed. Please send these to our editorial inbox - writerbox@evertalis.org (these are non-paid submissions)

Submission Guidelines and rates (http://www.evertalis.org/submissionguidelines.htm)