View Full Version : Which Book Size Should I Use: 5.25x8, 5.5x8.5, or 6x9?

06-08-2011, 03:33 AM
I'll be using CreateSpace to publish POD versions of my book(s). The readers I've asked all prefer mass market size, but the smallest CreateSpace book I can make is 5.25x8". Is that even a standard size?

That leaves trade paperback: 5.5x8.5 or 6x9. 6x9 is tempting, because I can fit more words per page, which will help me keep book costs down (because printing costs per page). But when I measure the (few) trade paperbacks on my bookshelf, they're 5.5x8.5.

What size should I use? 5.25x8, 5.5x8.5, or 6x9?

(Note: This is not a "Should I self-pub?" or "Should I use CreateSpace?" thread. Thanks!)

06-08-2011, 01:04 PM
i think 6x9 is quite large. I would be tempted to go for the smallest industry standard size you can

James D. Macdonald
06-08-2011, 04:22 PM
I did an experiment once: Same book, same text, same title, same cover, equal links. Only difference was, one edition was 6x9 and the other edition was 4.3 x 6.9.

The smaller trim size outsold the larger by a significant number, even though the smaller one was priced higher.

06-08-2011, 06:42 PM
As a reader, I prefer the ease of reading a MM (and the lower price). But if that isn't available and I want the book, then I don't care what size it is in trade format or hardcover. At that point, I don't even look at size.

06-08-2011, 08:09 PM
I printed all 4 of mine in 6/9 and I really like how they feel in my hand. I've seen Nooks and Kindles and 6/9 is close to them.

06-08-2011, 08:22 PM
(to those who say I should go with smallest size I can): So should I go with the 5.25x8" then?

06-08-2011, 10:28 PM
CreateSpace says that's the most popular size and that's the size I'm going with for the POD edition of HATCHINGS.

06-08-2011, 10:43 PM
The smaller trim size outsold the larger by a significant number, even though the smaller one was priced higher.

How very interesting!

Did the smaller format have a significantly higher page count?

(I'm getting ready to make this and other formatting choices preparartory to publishing with CreateSpace.)

Thank you! :)

06-09-2011, 01:19 AM
Hm, okay. I'll start with the 5.25x8, then. *off to adjust cover*

06-09-2011, 03:04 AM
Not sure if this helps at all, but I've been looking into the very same thing. I've looked on my book shelf at the genure I'm writing for and most of them are either 5.25x8 or 5.5x8.5. I've decided to go for 5.25x8.

James D. Macdonald
06-09-2011, 06:37 AM
Did the smaller format have a significantly higher page count?

Yes, the smaller format had more pages, 112 pages vice 86.

06-10-2011, 04:20 AM
Question - on the smaller size, wouldn't you use smaller fonts - 10 versus 12?

06-10-2011, 04:53 AM
I'm having to do that, lvcabbie, just to be able to keep the page count acceptable. I'm using size 11 Garamond, but even that's making it a few more pages than I like. I toyed with making it size 10 TNR, but it didn't look too nice. And size 10 Garamond seemed uncomfortably small.

Waiting now on CreateSpace's approval of my files, then I'll order the proof and see how it turned out.

06-10-2011, 06:53 PM
Although it isn't set in stone, I'm trying 11-point Georgia (like this?) as I do final edits. In a 6x9 format, it seems to produce anywhere from 200-300 words per page, which I like, yielding approximately 325 pages for a 79K-word novel. :)

06-10-2011, 10:35 PM
*frowns* My novel's about 80k words, and it's 205 pages in 5.25x8" format. That's with size 11 Garamond font, new chapter started on odd pages, etc.

Well. I'll see how it looks when it gets here.

06-14-2011, 02:35 AM
Update: My CreateSpace proof came today!

Size 11 Garamond is quite readable! With a quick glance through, the pages look perfect, the binding well-glued.

I already found 1 typo (which I evidently added in typesetting, because it isn't in the e-book file), so I'll be going through this proof copy with my magenta pen handy. (Magenta shows up better than red. I have on good authority that bright blue is a good choice, too.)

So. Proofing the print book is on my to-do list. Good thing I enjoy proofreading! :D