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05-25-2011, 10:16 PM
I am just kidding, of course. But you looked, right?

I'm seeking betas to read my historical fiction THE ENEMY WITHIN. It's approximately 102,500 words and set in Kentucky during the Civil War, and later in Victorian England. It is set in two POVs--female, first person is the main one while there are scenes featuring two seperate male third person POVs. I am a historian by day, so I have kept to writing in the formality of the time period.

What I'm looking for is someone who can give me their impressions. Guys, be aware that although the novel is not a historical romance, there is a strong romantic element.

The novel is in its final draft and is being tightened up, but has been edited for the most part. I intend to start querying agents for traditional publication in another month or two. I can handle critcism when it is done constructively and politely. I'm willing to drop the first 50 pages to you, and if you want to continue after reading those, I will happily pass on more.

I will return the favor, but note that I don't read fantasy or paranormal. I read almost exclusively historical fiction and while I read anything post-medieval, I know the most about the 18th and 19th centuries. I also read humorous, unique women's fiction books (i.e. Sophie Kinsella and Meg Cabot) as well.

Here is my query:

When her father is murdered by Union soldiers in 1862 Kentucky, nineteen-year-old Julienne Dalton is left an orphan with a ruined horse farm. She struggles to restore the family’s thoroughbred business, but when the opportunity to join a ring of Confederate agents arises, she gladly seizes it. Helping oust Union forces from the state slakes her thirst for revenge. But risking her life becomes less appealing when she meets charming stranger Alexander Caulfield. She is instantly drawn to him, and marries Alex after a whirlwind courtship. Then she discovers her husband is a Union agent charged with apprehending Confederate spies and sympathizers.

Fearing the hangman’s noose, Julienne flees the country, eventually settling in a small English village. She poses as a widow, and lays plans to rebuild her family’s breeding stock. Julienne attracts the attentions of Lord Richard Ashby, an English lord concealing a deadly past. He offers his protection, but it comes with a price. Marrying him will require Julienne to sacrifice her dream of returning to her beloved home. When Alex unexpectedly arrives in the village, a battle for Julienne’s affections ensues. She must make a choice between the two men, and someone will be dead as a result.

Thank you for your consideration!