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Having enjoyed the first novel in the series written by J.W. Baccaro, Prophecy of the Guardian, I was eagerly awaiting the release of Siege of Darkness, the second novel. In this one, the main protagonist, Darshun, has returned from Shajin Island, his training complete, and is stronger than ever as he continues on his quest to vanquish the Dark.

The action picks up from the start, and I dove right in, engrossed in the scenes involving the Dark characters from the previous novel battling the Light. The fight scenes throughout the book were very well written, and I really loved the addition of magical elements, such as the Nasharin's transformations. Speaking of which, I find the Nasharin to be such a fascinating set of characters, with very unique abilities, and now that the Guardian, Darshun, had fully developed his, I couldn't wait to see how he used his element of fire. He is still young, so he has a bit of cockiness to him (which is also, seemingly, a trait of his kind, the Nasharin), but the author did not overdo that character trait, and it made Darshun come across as sure of himself instead of having an inflated ego. It was very well done, and he makes quite the hero.

While there is a lot of action from start to finish, there are also moments that step away and have lots of dialogue, and even with several new characters that are introduced. There's a lot revealed in this novel. We learn more not only about Darshun, but also his nemesis, Abaddon, and none of it is overwhelming or too rushed; the story flows very smoothly and ended with my anticipation for the next novel in the series.


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That's a great, well-balanced review. Congrats on that! I love the cover of your book, btw.