View Full Version : Writing Buddy/Beta Reader wanted for horror/romance and contemporary fantasy

05-12-2011, 11:08 PM
I had two great writing buddies, but they have disappeared on me so I am now looking for one or two more.

I have 2 WIPs I'm working on. One is a contemporary fantasy featuring vampires. I'm currently working on chapter 8. The other is a mishmash of genres (horror being predominate) that features zombie-esque creatures. This one is on the back burner simmering right now. For the past few months I've averaged about 3 chapters a month. Despite some big life changes coming up I hope to maintain that pace.

In previous arrangements my buddy and I e-mailed each chapter as it was completed. Generally I complete my crit/suggestions within 3-7 days. I want my buddy to do rougly the same for me. I completely understand that there are times when this isn't possible.

In each crit I want you to give me a general idea of what you thought, where you were confused, what seemed awkward, what seemed unnecessary, and if anything seemed out of character. I also want suggestions on specific ways to restructure sentences or paragraphs that could be better, but I don't expect a line-by-line analysis. I will provide the same in return.

I DON'T want someone who will be hurt if I don't take their suggestions, or if I modify things they suggested. I take each comment seriously, so if I decided to ignore or use them it is for a reason. I will do the same in return.

I want someone who is in it for the long haul. It makes me crazy when I suddenly hear nothing for weeks or months from someone I've been working with every week. I want to have the same buddy for an entire book (which can take 9 months or much, much longer). Ideally I want to find someone I can work with for years.

My buddy needs to be 18 or over, as I write adult subject matter.

I do not censure my characters, so my writing includes obscenity, sex, and disturbing stuff. Some of it even disturbs me.

I am 32 and have been writing since I was 11.

PM me if for more info and if you are interested.

05-13-2011, 01:41 AM
Ah well. I'd volunteer, but I'm nine months away from being eighteen. You sound like the kind of person I was looking for too. I've had quite a few critique partners back out on me in the past year or so.