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04-26-2011, 02:33 AM
We're back. Black Chicken has had a lot of success finding great writers via Absolute Write... so once more into the breach!

Let me just toss in up front, to help head off any commentary that might get anyone into moderator trouble:

The rates for this position are very low. We are a highly independent venture and are seeking hobbyists who are interested both in writing and earning some game industry credit/experience.

Also, we prefer to submit payment to our writers via PayPal.

And now, the prompt:

Black Chicken Studios, Inc., is seeking skilled writers to draft text for an upcoming pulp adventure-romance game, Scherezade.

Writers must be able to write efficient, colorful prose based in a pulp adventure scenario (Think Indiana Jones, noir fiction and even supernatural adventure in the vein of Lovecraft). The game will 1930's New York, and around the world, so consider the time and place when you phrase your writing.

The target audience for the game covers virtually anyone, so the writing must be accessible. However, writers are encouraged to write in their own voice, as long as their style remains reasonably acceptable considering the era the game-world is set in (edgy, experimental text would be out of character, for example).

Writing assignments will involve Scenes to be featured in the game. Each Scene will consist of 10-20 paragraphs of text, with each paragraph being no more than three lines (NB: Lines, not sentences. We're hoping to keep things tight!) The goal is to keep the prose snappy and engaging.

The pay is $10 per assignment, with each assignment consisting of the creation of 20 events (NB: Not $10 per item written, $10 per assignment of 20 total items).

To Apply

Submissions should include two Scenes, of 10-20 Parts each. Each Part should be 1-3 lines long at maximum. Grammatical errors and simple typos may mean instant disqualification, so be sure to double-check your work prior to submission.

Reply to this posting (or e-mail bc.subs@gmail.com) to receive a prompt and sample Scene or ask any questions you may have. To review Black Chicken Studio's earlier work, please visit http://www.academagia.com.