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04-24-2011, 02:41 AM
Between other threads and joking with LizaJane about men in skirts, I suddenly remembered the summer of 1993.

It isn't exactly my favorite, or most memorable, but it was the one summer where I saw more men in skirts and dresses than any other before or since!

I'm pretty sure it all started with the indie band "James" and their video for "Laid"

So now I have to ask!

What's one of your favorite summers... and why?

Caitlin Black
04-24-2011, 03:57 AM
I don't have a favourite summer. Mostly this is because it gets really hot down here, and I hate the heat.

Although, one summer I did go to a big music festival. Among other bands, I saw Metallica play. So that was pretty good... but that was just one day, not really the whole summer.

04-24-2011, 06:45 AM
A few summers ago, my husband, our three children, and my mother went to Myrtle Beach. It was okay, too commercialized, but family friendly. On our last day, we went to the beach for one more dip. A tropical storm had whipped up the waves, and we couldn't get more than a few feet out before being pushed back in. This trip was the first time I had seen the ocean, and the power of it, the weight of the waves, the crashing roar as they drove onto the shore overcoming anything that stood in their way...I felt as if some of that power came into me. The winter before, I had been diagnosed with nodular melanoma, and we still didn't know if I was going to make it. With the wet, sucking sand coming up past my ankles and my body braced against the blows of the waves, I knew that I wasn't done here. I was going to be okay. And I was. That is my favourite summer memory.

04-24-2011, 06:50 AM

You created this thread for me didn't you?

*admires my tan*

04-24-2011, 06:55 AM
In all seriousness, my favorite summer memory is hands down the summer I did NOT spend at the beach but instead, spent just north of Billings, Montana with my parents and brother. We were on a mission trip, roughing it in a log cabin and it was the most beautiful example of the wonders of nature and life and and how it all works together.

Even though I was only in the sixth grade, I knew it was something special, to be there, to have the opportunity to stumble upon an elk down by a cool stream, a sort of meadow of yellow wildflowers in bloom in the background...I was awestruck. That memory of that summer has stuck with me despite all my summers at the beach and in the tropics.


Oh, and it's also the summer that I learned that people up North call soft drinks "pop"!!!



Kitty Pryde
04-24-2011, 07:27 AM
I'm a summer camp girl all the way. Ten summers total as a camper or a counselor! The fun times do tend to blur together into a solid memory mass of cabin cheers and sweaty t-shirts and dodgeball games, but if I had to name just one thing...

At my first summer camp (4th grade summer through 8th grade summer), we used to get quarters to buy soda on our free time hour. It was an entirely accepted fact that nothing cools you down on a hot Indiana summer afternoon as well as a can of Country Time Lemonade. We used to just barely crack the can open and slurp it out because it lasts longer that way. It was unthinkable to drink any other soda in any other fashion.

I had a can of it the other day. The can design is exactly the same as it used to be. It was deathly hot outside and I cracked the can just barely open and had a slurp of it. That lemonade chilled me straight down my body to the backs of my knees and took me right back to camp, the feel of the grass and the sun and the smell of the air.

Sarah Madara
04-24-2011, 07:50 AM
Being 18, going to a beach house in NC with my husband (then boyfriend) and his parents, sneaking up to his attic room and doing lots of, ah, exploring with the windows open, a warm breeze, the sounds of the waves... Yes, that was a good summer.

04-24-2011, 08:20 AM
The summer I turned 13 I had a crush and this song was playing on the radio. It has always reminded me of her.

Here's the "real" video with auful audio:

Here's a much better recording, in stereo, to a much worse video:

04-24-2011, 11:35 AM
Every Summer my friend would come down and visit because her family loved coming here for the heat and sun tans where as they lived somewhere that just wasn't as hot as it was here in the dunes.

It was always great to see her as she was probably the only friend I had at the time.

04-24-2011, 01:06 PM
The cool air in the previous winter.

And being young and enjoying the summer vacations away from school.

04-24-2011, 03:35 PM
1976. Anyone British will know why.

I was 11 years old. And back then kids played out all day, unlike now. It was the 6 week holiday from school. And it was hot! Over 90 degrees f every day.

I was never in the house, except for dinner and sleep.

04-24-2011, 06:50 PM
Summer of 2009.

I finished the semester of college with a 4.0 (all As) for the first time. Just a year before I was heading towards flunking out of college. It was a major boost to my self confidence.

With such a great start, I decided to attend the (in)famous anime convention known as Otakon. It was a great weekend in Baltimore with a lot of memories.

Overall it was one of the best summers I had in a while.

04-24-2011, 07:09 PM
1976. Anyone British will know why.

I was 11 years old. And back then kids played out all day, unlike now. It was the 6 week holiday from school. And it was hot! Over 90 degrees f every day.

I was never in the house, except for dinner and sleep.

I remember that. It was the worst drought we'd ever experienced.

04-24-2011, 07:31 PM
I was seventeen, she was sixteen. We met at a resort on Key Biscayne. We learned about sharing, caring, and life. We continued to see each other for the entire summer. She perished in a car crash that fall. I learned about grief, loss, and death.


04-24-2011, 08:07 PM
There was something... mmmm... memorable... yeah, thatís the right word, something memorable about that summer: a college town and one Iíd known for a few years longer than I should. But summers there were always wonderful, quiet, and good with everyone else away and we had our run of the city, the parks, bars and clubs. And maybe the music career wasnít exactly exploding, but I had that chance to hang out with all the other indie rockers, mostly boys, that Iíd known for half a decade and had seen in every conceivable state: high, low, sharp-and-ready, and passed-out wrinkled and upside down in a girlfriends closet...

I donít know what got into them, maybe too much partying and late night video, but one normal, well-liquored, weekend later, half of all the men I know start dressing more girlie than I did.

Thereís just something about it, and canít say that I liked it, or didn't, but when you walk in the club in the early afternoon, let your eyes adjust, and see three, thin, twenty-something guy friends sitting with their hairy calves cross-legged in knee-length, button front, light floral print dresses and keeping time tapping beat-up old army boots...

itís something that just stays with you. =)

Don Evan Scott
04-24-2011, 10:36 PM
This is not a single memory, but a collection of them that sums up many of the summers of my youth, "up north" in the Boston area - sleeping in, spending all day playing baseball and climbing trees, coming inside when the streetlights came on, and hanging out in the living room because that was the only room in the house with air conditioning. :)

04-24-2011, 11:31 PM
I remember that. It was the worst drought we'd ever experienced.

It was! I remember having to share the bath water with all of the family. And the stand pipe in the street in some areas.

04-25-2011, 12:14 AM
Corn, tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden. Running barefoot. Sunday dinners. Hanging out at the grain elevator, where they sold ice cold cokes in the bottle and Zero bars. It was an innocent time. I still dislike shoes and living in town.

04-25-2011, 03:19 PM
The summer when I was 14. I got my first summer job at a restaurant, and had to stop working because I got shingles. My best friend and I spent the days watching TV and running down to the lake to cool off in the water. One thing we watched was Live Aid, the first time we had ever seen so much good music on Swedish TV. We also got jobs at the local cinema and watched two movies a week for free.

It was the last summer where I felt "free".

04-26-2011, 05:33 PM
Hot sun and the smell of dust on the dirt road as I rode my bike beside the cornfields at my aunt's farm. A faint breeze scented with horse, cow and that luscious earthy smell that only comes from deep woods. A corn snake sunning itself on a rock and birds twittering madly all around. A tree frog screeching like a bandsaw over bees humming in the alfalfa.

The summers of my youth. Gone but never forgotten, and they still have the power to take me back whenever I scent any of those things again.

I had a wonderful childhood.