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Mr. Blunt
10-26-2005, 04:32 PM
Iíd like to thank Jenna and everyone who participates on this great forum for helping to expose PAís criminal activity. Although this is the first time I contributed to this forum, I read these boards faithfully and I used to participate in the discussions on the old board. Like many of you, those criminals continue to steal from me even though they canceled my contract, stating a lack of sales. Yet my sales rank proves otherwise.

I was thinking about the bookstore that PA conveniently opened for the purpose of selling their authorsí books during their 2004 convention. At the time, they claimed they only opened the nameless bookstore to have a massive book signing for their authors, who attended the convention. But, with that kind of convenience at their whim, it is quite possible that PA has multiple unknown bookstores spread across the fruited plain, selling PA authorsí books from sea to shiny sea.

With these types of clandestine operations, it is impossible to estimate PAís net profit. Even though they wonít allow anyone to get within close proximity of their accounting records, Iím sure they arenít worried about anyone tripping over the unknown stores they open around the globe... but what irks me, is the fact they get to keep all the revenue from their private stores. Most likely, PA is even shortchanging Uncle Sam... Shucks, with that type of thievery, PA can even afford to lower the prices on the books in their private bookstores.

We know "ALERT THE MEDIA DAY" was a success. Here's what I'd like to see done next on a wide scale.

For those PA authors, who have been literally threatened by PAís goons, they should go immediately to their local district attorneyís office and file a private criminal complaint, accusing PA and company (name names, for instance, Meiners and Chopper were responsible for the goons coming to your homes) because they have a responsiblity to oversee what's going on in their business. The nature of the crimes committed, terroristic threats, harassment, spam voilations, tax evasion, fraud, and a host of others. If Iíve failed to mention any of their crimes please add to this list.

For everyone else, especially those who suspect PA's executives like Meiners, Chopper, and company of perpetrating a fraud by misrepresenting their services to deceive aspiring authors and scam them out of their literary works, bring an action against PA in your local Small Claims court.. File claims for money owed in your local Small Claims Courts, providing you donít already have a lawyer and feel that $10,000 is the maximum amount that PA has stolen from you in royalties. Filing these complaints will be minimal to us compared to what PA will have to shell out in order to duck and dodge court exposure.

If by some chance PA is able to worm their way out of going into court, they still will have to pay their attorneys a bundle to dodge our complaints. If all goes well, most of us will see them in court, and we will have cracked some windows on PAís deceptive glass house of cards!

I suggest we all file complaints in our local courts regardless of where we reside. This will not only speedily bring down PAís deceptive house of cards, it will also deter other swindlers in publishing from opening their deceptive doors. What are your thoughts regarding this idea?

10-26-2005, 04:43 PM
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Mr. Blunt
10-26-2005, 04:55 PM
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James D. Macdonald
10-26-2005, 06:50 PM
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