View Full Version : Looking for a critique buddy for erotic romance

04-21-2011, 07:26 AM
I am looking for a critique buddy for erotic romance. Specifically, I'm working on an erotic short story and an erotic romance. I'd prefer someone who is also working on erotic romance, rather than a beta reader, or someone working on other types of fiction, but if you are interested, go ahead and email and we'll see if it works out.

You can check out some of my erotica stories just to get a feel for my writing:

It's fair to say that those stories are more rough and also more sex-focused than the stuff I'll actually ask you to critique, but still, the writing style and types of characters, etc will be the same, so it's a good idea if you find it enjoyable/good. I can take criticism but if you hate my writing this won't be fun for either of us.

I'll mostly only ask you to critique "vanilla" erotica (no menages, BDSM, etc) but it will be very explicit, so hopefully you actually read erotica like that and enjoy it as well. But, if you write kinky stuff, that is fine, I read everything and lots of it.

I have never been published before and I would like to try but have no plans on this being my primary job - but still I'd like someone who can take this seriously with me. For example, I'd send a chapter and get a review back within a couple of days. And of course the reverse applies. (This is why I'd prefer a symmetrical arrangement instead of a straight beta reader; it would probably be too demanding of them) And ideally I can find someone I am comfortable with and work with long term, but we'll just play it be ear on that part.

As far as the review itself, I'd like to know if you spot typos/spelling/grammatical mistakes but that's not the primary purpose. The primary purpose would be to spot flow issues and/or gaps in the story (like things that are obvious in my head, but not to the reader). Critiques of plot and character would be acceptable but, again, not the main point.

If this sounds all sounds good and you've read a couple of the stories, please email me at email@ambershah.com. Ideally you could send me some samples of your own stuff, or just whatever you are working on, so that I can make sure it's a good fit on my end, too.

I'll throw up another post if I truly get too many responses and need them to stop (unlikely), but if you don't see anything like that, consider it an open position :) Actually, if I find more than one compatible person we could do a three-way, etc, which would be great, too.