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The Banishing received a really positive review.

I HEART REVIEWS gives The Banishing a 4/5

"The Banishing reminded me a lot of classics in the horror genre, but what makes The Banishing such a thrilling and exciting read is the way Fiona Dodwell handles her scary story, the way she builds up the tension…. horror the way it should be - and I had a marvellous time reading.

Dodwell takes things slowly, and by doing so she managed to make me genuinely scared. Considering I'm not easily scared – although I must admit ghosts do manage to frighten me more often than any other supernatural creature – this is a considerable accomplishment. Event after event unfolded, the secrets were slowly exposed, and I found myself neglecting my own promise to myself (to only read one chapter, then study a bit, then read another chapter). I had to finish this one in one single reading session – that's how good it is.

The Banishing tells a dark and twisted tale, that will probably reminds its
readers of the classics in the horror genre, back when horror was actually still scary and everyone could be possessed by a demon or every house in the neighborhood could be inhabited by vengeful spirits from the beyond. The writting is excellent, the storyline full of unexpected twists and turns. The ending is nothing if not brilliant, and it will leave you thinking about this novel for a long time after reading it. If you enjoy horror, especially the classic horror involving ghosts and demons, then The Banishing is an excellent choice."

To read the full review (it's quite a lengthy look at the book) it's here: http://booklog.eternalised.net/2011/04/book-review-the-banishing-by-fiona-dodwel\
l/#comment-1865 (http://booklog.eternalised.net/2011/04/book-review-the-banishing-by-fiona-dodwell/#comment-1865)

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Congrats! That's a great review!

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Thank you! :)
I admit to feeling a little nervous when it comes to review time, but the feedback has been positive so far.

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Thank you!

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Very nice. CGs!

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Congratulations. :)