View Full Version : Injury responses and treatment.

04-14-2011, 10:46 AM
I have a few injuries in my story that I really don't know much about the treatment of, difficult since I have a character who was almost a surgeon.

My MC was about to graduate from medical school in year 1990 when she got pulled into the alternate universe place.

The other character is a early medieval era swordsman.

The first injury I'm not sure how it would be treated is an ax in the back. He's wearing a suit of chain mail, but it's a felling ax, and as such breaks a couple of ribs. What would she do to help fix this?

How long will he be out of action? Possible heath consequences?

Later is a broken leg, about mid point down the tibia and fibula. His foot slid into a hole and he kept going. It results in their capture and its several hours before she gets the chance to treat him. And then its in a dirty jail cell, with slats she managed to break off of a wooden plate and strips of bedding.

Again, how long and what could happen to him?

She also gets a turn. She gets shot at, .45 ACP, ball. Is wearing chain mail again, so there will be armor fragments in the wound. One hits her in the right arm, fleshy part of the shoulder. The other is in the right breast from the side. (from what I understand, ouchies) Neither is a deep hit, but the shoulder was hit with a norman tipped arrow earlier.
What sort of treatment will these need, can she do them on herself or will she need a medieval physician? Possible side effects?

Last injury I need help with is also a shooting on my poor swordsman there. Three bullet strikes from head on, 7.62 x 39 upper thigh, liver and right elbow. Broken bones in the elbow and femur. Again, there will be mail in these wounds.

he has possible access to an interceptor ballistic vest. If there is no chance of him surviving this I can throw that into the equation. so we could possibly throw the liver one out.

Ideally, He should survive long enough to loose to gangrene. Yes, I was enjoying a fit of sadism when I plotted that one out.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to respond to me. I appreciate it.