View Full Version : Would love to find an MG mentor!

04-09-2011, 02:50 AM
I'm working on my first MG novel and would love to have a mentor to guide me just a little bit. :) I think it fits best as magical realism.

Right now I'm looking for critiques of my first chapter. Am I getting to the action fast enough? Are you getting to know my characters? I would also like to be able to ask a few questions as needed.

I'm a teacher and educational freelance writer. You can find out more about me at www.teachersidea.com (http://www.teachersidea.com). I hope it doesn't break any rules to add that.

I really appreciate any help you're willing to give. A big thank you just for looking!

04-10-2011, 09:27 PM
I can look at your first chapter. I also recommend posting in the children's writing section and, once you have enough posts, the children's share your work section. I'll PM you.

04-11-2011, 01:11 AM
www.teachersidea.com (http://www.teachersidea.com).

Very nice and well done sites.

04-11-2011, 09:05 PM
Very nice and well done sites.

Thank you scope!