View Full Version : Writers' legal questions... answered by a lawyer!

Another Editor
03-11-2011, 04:48 PM
Here is the latest episode of the Author's Access podcast, and it is all about copyright law. It is distinguished from other "writer-friendly" things that you can find on the web in that they interviewed a real, honest-to-goodness copyright lawyer; so right away, it's more reliable than 99% of what you can get online. Every copyright question a writer could have is answered here. Try to excuse the sound quality (they need better microphones) and their pretentious slogan (you'll hear it in the first five seconds or so); this is good stuff.


I'll add one nitpick. The guest host claims that "freedom of the press" is a uniquely American idea and that it was invented in the US. the idea dates back to the 17th Century, with the first country taking concrete steps towards it being England.