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03-09-2011, 04:52 AM
Boundless is a gaming project for the next gen portable devices revisiting the classic top-down tactical turn based RPG powered by the Unity 3D technology. You take control of 11 heroes each with own unique gameplay style venturing through unworldly adventures into the past and the future seeking the hope in restoring peace to the universe. The project will introduce classic gaming to the social gamers while challenge the core gamers in the industry.

Name: project Boundless (working title)

Genre: Sci-fi and Fantasy Turn-Based RPG

Platform: Mobile iOS, Android, NGP, 3DSi, Browser

Compensations: Will be paying according to professional rate after project generates in net revenue.

Mood: Unworldly, futuristic, magical, epic, mystical.

Website: project Boundless (http://projectboundless.blogspot.com)
Dev Tweet: @prjboundlessdev (http://www.twitter.com/prjboundlessdev)

Concept: Venture through a timeless journey from magical kingdoms to futuristic citadels then unto trans-dimensional worlds set in the darkest corner of the universe to seek the one and last hope in restoring peace to the universe.

Mission: Create a diverse multi-dimensional universe exploring unique worlds and unworldly adventures with multiple playable characters each with own unique gameplay implementing all RPG playing styles into one experience.

Writer: You'll be the visionary creating the culture, history, landscape, and heroes for this vast fantasy universe.
Poet: Your mission is identical to the Writer but will inspire sensitivity and sophistication through poetry. Specific stanza will showcase during loading screens, promotional contents, in-game conversations, and puzzle gameplay.
For more opened positions click here (http://projectboundless.blogspot.com/p/collaboration.html). We welcome all submissions. If you feel you can contribute in any way, we'd like to hear from you.



LEAVE FEEDBACK (http://projectboundless.ideascale.com)

Contact: Please include in the subject line: "[the position you're applying] Submission." Attach your resume and have your cover letter clearly written in the body text. Your effort and time put into this process will tell a lot of your passion and intent please be thorough.

Chao Hui Lin | Lead Developer
project Boundless (http://projectboundless.blogspot.com)
chao@enigmatigames.com (linchaoh@gmail.com)
twitter@icedteatime (http://www.twitter.com/icedteatime)