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03-04-2011, 08:34 PM
Over the next few weeks I will be re-lauching the Suddenly Fiction Forum. Thanks to a certain somebody and a certain other somebody, who shall remain annonymous for the moment, we have gathered some great ideas.

However, I am still open to other suggestions. If you have any, post in this thread, or PM me.

The other thing I will try and do is to get a full list of markets for short stories along with current submission guidelines. If you have market suggestions and guidelines then please post them here, too.

Many thanks :)

04-17-2011, 02:48 AM
Since you are relaunching, I was wondering if the Flash challenges would still be like they were in the past, or if the form of the "inspiration" will change. It always felt a little too vague for my own tastes. That's the monthly one, not the "Suddenly".

I love flash, and that's why I do Flash challenges over at Aphelion. Still, I've always been amazed at how few enter considering the size of the user base here. Then again, since the ones I give out come with lengthy explanations and rules, I could just be on the other end of the spectrum.

Mostly just professional curiosity... Good luck! I hope you do great!


04-17-2011, 09:30 PM
Hi Kailhofer,

I'd like to keep the inspiration as useful to as many flash fiction writers as possible, so the prompts are going to be a mixture of ones that will suit upcoming themed issues of markets that accept flash, as well as more generic ones that will fit the submission guidelines of non-themed markets.

A post about the new challenge for this forum, as well as the other little changes that are being introduced, will be appearing as soon as we've got all the details sorted out. None of it will be fixed in stone, however, and if the form of the prompts don't work for people, we're willing to change things to better suit the participants here. So, please speak up at any time! :)