View Full Version : Looking for help with my wrestling website

02-27-2011, 02:55 AM
One of my hobbies--aside from working on my novels--is pro wrestling. I've been a fan of this for years and I've currently begun working on a website that is my own version of the WWE. The site, ANGELS AND DEVILS, is just starting at the moment, but I would love to have some people with similar interests get involved in helping it develop.

Ideally I'd offer cash for stuff people write, but at present I'm in no position to do that. The site is basically a forum board where people create a character and write flash fiction (not sure if thats the proper term, but short stories for the web.) that advance story lines from show to show. We will have one show every other week and hopefully the people involved will be able to write two or three brief stories (about 800-1000 words or so.) and possibly help us out in writing the actual matches. Basically, if you watch the WWE, our shows are (in theory anyway) similar.

An interested twist is this fed is all female based. The wrestlers that compete are woman, and some of the storylines tend to be naughty. I wouldn't say pure erotica or XXX rated stuff, but certainly edgy, R rated material. It's a website for mature audiences.

Here is a link to the boards if you are interested in checking it out, or respond here and I can answer any questions.


Again, it probably only makes sense to fans of wrestling. It is a non paying position for now--though if the site does do well that might change.