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02-26-2011, 10:39 PM
A new Bluegrass area family magazine is seeking freelance writers. We welcome queries and are willing to negotiate rates with new writers and top professionals.
Queries may be sent to Stacyfon@aol.com.

02-26-2011, 11:35 PM
Hi, Stacy, I'm just wondering what you are need of as far as submisisons and do you have a link to your writer's guidelines? Thanks much.

02-27-2011, 12:29 AM
Thanks for asking this, Susie. I wondered myself. Stacy, are you accepting fiction and poetry, or just non-fiction?

Silver King
02-27-2011, 06:31 AM
A new Bluegrass area family magazine is seeking freelance writers...
That's not much for us to go on, Stacy. Perhaps you can post a link to your website (if you have one), or at least share with us your content requirements. Also, since this thread appears in Paying Markets, you need to give us an idea of what writers might expect to be paid for their work.

03-11-2011, 01:32 AM
Good afternoon!
I'm sorry it has taken me a wee bit of time to respond. You know how any surgery can set you back!

Verve! Family Magazine
Verve! Family Magazine is a quarterly, four-color magazine for parents and children of all ages. Our mission is to celebrate families in all generations and promote healthy living and healthy choice. The magazine features a unique pull-out section for children with guided activities to promote family time. We hope to encourage families to live a full and enthusiastic (Verve!) lifestyle…. Promoting self-confidence, self-esteem to navigate life’s challenges. Our goal is to be positive and truly helpful in empowering families to make changes, chase their dreams or simply get through the day!

We are looking for freelance writers to share informative stories focusing on life in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky, profiling families who are into sports, the arts, or who pursue fascinating hobbies or activities.
We also are interested in hot topic stories. Examples: How to set a budget and still enjoy life, navigating parent/child or sibling relationship issues, parents dealing with raising both children and caring for the elderly parent, all aspects of child growth, safety, learning in schools, moral training, home economics, personal experiences, women’s interest, families/children, physical, mental, nutrition or self-improvement. We encourage both new and experienced freelance writers to submit articles/queries for potential publication. Pieces should be thought-provoking and original. Consider article length average to be 500 to 1500 words unless otherwise approved by the editors.
All queries may be sent to StacyFon@aol.com (StacyFon@aol.com). Please include all contact information, including phone number, in addition to article title, a brief description of the subject matter and word count.
Email submissions are preferred! Articles are accepted in text-only format, within the body of an email. Please do not send attachments! If your article has been approved, photos or artwork may be submitted for potential inclusion. Authors should send a short biography (approx 20-50 words) for publicity. Authors may provide professional quality promotional photos, we are happy to include those where appropriate.
Verve! Family Magazine reserves the right to edit copy due to space and/or content limitations. We will attempt to preserve the author’s style and content. Unfortunately, we cannot accept all submissions and consider all submissions as speculative. Please be aware the other authors may have submitted articles on similar topics. Should there be an occasion where this occurs and we feel that both articles have merit, we will discuss all options with authors. Communication is the key to having a successful working relationship, and the staff at Verve! Family Magazine want to build positive working relationships with all freelance writers.
Payment: Verve! will pay for first on-line and print rights for original articles for three months. Authors may retain the rights to their respective work. Payment is $20.00 to $50.00 for feature articles and $15.00 for reprints. The magazine will retain the right to electronically archive articles. Payment is made upon publication. We also welcome negotiation of promotional exposure, such as website links, etc. in lieu of payment.
Finally, our goal is to work with consistant writers on an ongoing basis. Bring your creativity to us!