View Full Version : Cheaters Never Know Who's Watching

02-25-2011, 03:57 AM
Having a weird week. :)

I was in Psychology class, and there was an exam today.

Set up: Class is taught by a professor, but exams are given by a teacher's assistant or grad student. Today, our normal classroom was under construction, so this guy was pretty busy trying to redirect traffic to the new room.

I sat down and got my book out to do a bit of last minute reading and while it's noisy and I'm looking around, the guy sitting at the table behind me gets a notebook out and starts filling in answers on his scantron.

I couldn't believe it, honestly. He gave the notebook to another guy, who used it and then he passed it to three other girls. They either filled in their scantrons early or wrote the answers on a tiny piece of paper.

I was so mad, it was hard to concentrate on this test. I didnt say anything, though, because I didn't want that kind of confrontation.

I sent an anon-email to the professor stating what was going on. I don't know the people by name, but I suggested that the prof. be more careful with the tests in the future.

I've never seen such cheating since elementary school "looking over at your neighbor's answers" stuff.

I don't know if the answers were legit, but they believe they were so. They had scantrons filled out before tests were out.

I'm pretty new to the whole college scene. I knew some kids got help with papers now and again. (Not that that's cool but I expected to see it somewhere.) Cheating on an exam seemed downright... wow.

What's the normal proceedure when you see cheating at school?