View Full Version : Soviet Rehabilitation Law and Process

L.C. Blackwell
02-13-2011, 11:16 AM
I'm not coming up with much on Google, and I'm setting this one out with the hope that somebody can point me to a resource....

The background: After an early post-Stalin rush on political/legal rehabilitations, Khruschev and his successors put the brakes on; and the process of record clearing seems to have ground mostly to a halt.

What I'm looking to find: What legal and procedural steps would a daughter have to take to clear her dead father's record in the mid-1980s? Assuming that it wouldn't be easy to do, still most things can be done if you have enough blat (influence).

A writing friend kindly provides many answers on the USSR, but I hate to pester her with constant questions, so thought I'd check here first. :)