View Full Version : Need cover art help/suggestions. Ipad apps?

02-05-2011, 07:18 PM
I have an iMac and and Ipad. I would love any (must be free a couple of dollars) app that I can use to make my covers.

My current covers on amazon.com are one made by someone from WC..it's just what I wanted, lovely!

Another cover (Whispers of Angels) is a pic of a tree and swing in my front yard, it works great for a book about the loss of a loved one.

NOW, I have one on that I hate. It's titled Out of The Box, it's a about a woman in her thirties, two kids, married forever. She is having a midlife crisis, her best friend moves away and a new, hot (married) guy moves in. Well, his attention makes her feel sexy again, the first time in a long time. So, to cut to the point, I currently have a photo of a wedding ring box, no ring. I hate it. I could not even figure out how to put the TITLE of the book on there!

I have no memory retention, I just can't figure out how to fix it. (I'd rather have a picture of a a blue house and a yellow house across from each other in a culdesac, but my art skills stink :(

Lastly, I just published The Apartment (I know, the title leaves a lot to be desired) and I have worked so hard and just can't get it to work. I WANTED a nice row of high rise apartments like in NYC, the title and my name...but I have tried and tried.

Any suggestions on where to find a low cost app that will let me add photos and TEXT to something, then ADJUST the size so amazon.com will accept it, that would soooooo help me out.

My link, don't laugh:http://www.amazon.com/s?_encoding=UTF8&search-alias=digital-text&field-author=Sheri+Gill

02-05-2011, 09:42 PM
Try something like http://pixlr.com/editor/, I believe it has all the basics you need.

02-07-2011, 02:23 AM
I had more trouble with that pixler! Ugh!