View Full Version : YA Zombie Survival Horror, Looking for Beta/Crit Partner

02-01-2011, 07:05 PM
Hi there!

I joined AW specifically to find one or two people willing to read my completed 83K YA zombie survival novel. This is not a first draft, but a seriously edited and trimmed down version. There are a few important points:

1. This novel has a male protagonist, but he is surrounded by strong (as well as weak) female characters.
2. It is written in the limited 3rd person, so those of you who only enjoy first person narration will want to pass on this, I think.
3. I am mostly looking for content critique, as I have a decently strong grasp of grammar. Of course I will welcome any and all help eradicating errors, but I'm more interested in your feelings about the content and characters.
4. As an offshoot of #3, you should be aware that I enjoy long sentences and make use of parenthetical statements to add detail. Just because a sentence is long does not make it a run-on. Please point out any sentences with structural issues, or any that just bother you, but please be aware that long does not equal incorrect.
5. I have lots of free time to read. Lots.

I would prefer to share with another YA writer, but I'm open to all kinds of writers.