View Full Version : Dating for beta / writing parnters

01-26-2011, 08:00 PM
I'm interested in finding a good Beta relationship for the long haul.

The following are things I want in a beta (borrowed from amyashley :)):

1) Someone willing to swap manuscripts. If Beta'ing goes two ways, then neither person gets abused.

2) Someone serious about their writing career.

3) Someone who wishes to offer broad critique on character development, pacing, plot, etc. Grammar and spelling edits are okay if they are blazingly obvious, but my focus is not to abuse a beta for this. I want someone who is focused on the story.

4) Someone with an interest in weighty issues. I write women's fiction with romantic elements and I focus on real-life emotional issues. However, my writing also incorporates joy, humor and sex ... with *disclaimer* occasional cursing.

5) Someone who is prompt about responding through e-mail, and communicates about their schedule. I don't care if it takes you a day or 4 weeks, but I want you to be clear.

I am willing to do all of the above as well. I am looking for a two-way partnership. I would like to exchange a sample chapter to critique to see if we are happy with arrangements. I want a partnership so that I don't have to search for new betas every time I finish a manuscript.

I read mainly adult fiction. I steer clear of YA, MG or children's. I have two sixteen-year-olds and have enough young adult angst in real life. ;)

If you're interested please PM me and we can go from there.