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10-09-2005, 08:15 PM
Now and again the odd or funny thing has happened in the course of roaming around being a 'poet' with whatever that entails. I imagine we could all say the same.

Anybody wanting to share their sublime, funny, scary, or any other type annecdote with the central theme of being a poet or involving poetry - please do so here. Let's get to know eachother with the most memorable moments from our poetry career so far (and I do intend both meanings of 'career').

10-09-2005, 08:19 PM
At one time I used to attend some of the open mic nigts at the Poetry Cafe, London. A quaint little cafe run by The Poetry Society, and the venue for poetry and jazz nights, open mic nights, and 'Cat's night out' a mic night that celebrates women poets amateur and professional. One Cat's night, I didn't have anything particular that I wanted to read, but on the tube on the way there I wrote a light-hearted poem inspired by my enthusiasm, and it seemed perfect to read. So I did and here it is:

The Cat 'flap'

I'm ready
for wine, women, and song -
I'm ready -
Let it all come along.
Let it flow
I want to go now - sipping and singing
swigging, swinging - let it all come along.
I'm ready now
for wine, women, and song -
Let it flow.

Hold out the bottle
Hold out the glass
Hold out the moment, the magic, the dance.
Here's to the bottle
Here's to the flow
Lets lay it low now, lets play the game
Don't need much else more now
Just more of the same

Here's to the bottle,
Here's to the flow
Don't let it stop, and don't let it slow.

I tell you, I'm ready
for wine, women, and song.
I'm ready, I'm ready -
let it all come along -
Let it flow.

When I read this poem there was a quality of hush that seemed deeper than that for the previous poems read, I didn't know quite how to take it - and one particular woman a row back from the front seemed to be looking at me with particular interest, almost excitement - could my words be this good? At the end of the reading there was a huge response, lots of clapping and big grins everywhere - and this woman (who knows, maybe others too) giving me a look which just seemed, well, hopeful. Wow, I only wrote this on the tube in, I grinned and sat down to the continuing applause and the evening went on, with a couple of 'great poem!' at the end.

Later, I looked again at the poem and the words of it - I think I accidentally led someone on:Smack: . Maybe even a whole room full of people.:roll:

10-11-2005, 02:56 AM
I'd say I have always had a somewhat poetic heart, but it's taken some time for my mind to catch up with my heart.

To use a metaphor, if you've just watched some incredible athlete slam-dunking the ball (basketball term), you wouldn't want to show everyone else in the gym that you can't even reach the rim. Poetry seemed like that for me esoteric, beautiful, but always beyond reach. I look at Walden and what people consider great poets, and think, "I can never fake anything on that level, let alone compete."

But just like the sports metaphor, I may not slam dunk, but if I can just shoot the ball somewhat straight, that is all that is required. I'm a novice. In order for me to try poetry, I think I had to admit what I was and what I wasn't. And I realize there are levels and types of poetry I am not capable of, and may never be, but that shouldn't discourage me from perfecting what I can do.

10-17-2005, 10:59 AM
Quite an exuberant, lively piece with plenty of bounce, rhythm and joie de vie.
Should make a great song.

Robert Davidson.