View Full Version : Looking for beta reader: gay romance/erotic novella

01-13-2011, 11:58 AM

I'm working on a gay romance/erotic novella. It's the first time, I am writing something in earnest.
I've read dozens of novels like that (the big ebook selling store beginning with an "a" loving me for doing so :tongue). Many of those I enjoyed very much, but something was always a little off. If you want it to be done right, do it yourself...
It's a college setting with two guys, who differ much in physique, but are very alike concerning their love and devotion. I have to admit that the plot is rather formulaic, but I am concentrating on the mood and romance, trying to come up with a fresh idea here and there. It's quite difficult to reinvent the wheel with this genre. There are hot m/m sex scenes in it, too (at least, I hope they are hot :)).
One thing I want to mention: I am not a native speaker. I am quite proficient in English (I can't remember, when I have read my last German book), but I would appreciate some help in "de-germanizing" and correcting the text. And you better don't think about my punctuation... ;)
It is not finished yet, now amounting to approx. 22000 words. With the ideas I have on my mind, it will will end up close to 40000, I assume.
If you are interested, please PM me. Due to the adult nature of the text, I am not sure whether some age verification is necessary (hey, I'm European... I don't mind sex :tongue)


P.S. There are also real tidbits of mathematics in it... yikes

01-13-2011, 08:00 PM
I adore all things m/m, and would be interested in taking a look at the first chapter to see if your writing style clicks with me. :)

03-06-2011, 05:40 PM
The story is now finished and ended up having almost 46k words. I re-read and re-worked it twice by myself. I would now be very grateful for some "external" input.

Kind regards