View Full Version : Need Beta for the first two chapters!

01-12-2011, 05:57 AM
Hello everyone, I'm looking for a beta reader for the first two chapters of this paranormal romance story (Touch) that I am in the process of rewriting. The two chapters that I wish to have read have already gone through my rewriting process (or so I hope), and I was looking for more people's opinions on the story, characters, and if I have done my job and made you wish to read on.

A little summary.

Touch is a paranormal romance exhibiting the life of David White, a not so normal teenager. Since each time those eyes of his seem to close, this angel that has sworn to protect him to the death appears. Yet when his eyes open, his new best friend, the school beauty queen, defends him even without an oath. For some strange reason, David’s life seems to be the most valued thing on the earth, even if that means others value it dead. Time seems to be running out for David, as his dreams and reality seem to be so very close to clashing.

“There are a few things that I can’t seem to put my head around;

Why in the world did I have a dream last night where I was attacked, but was saved by an angel?

How I was able to get Shelby Walsh, the “hottest” girl in all of Sierra High to become my best friend, but also why she always saves me even when I don’t ask?

And why I am the only other human being it seems this girl will touch?”

Anyways, anyone who is interested in reading a YA romance through the eyes of a male, that would be great. (Which to me is a little different since I don't see many books on romance at this age through the eyes of a male). I would love to swap work if that gets people to read my first two chapters. Please post here, or PM me, either works. :)