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01-06-2011, 12:24 AM
Hey, I'm searching for someone to swap manuscripts with :) My novel is science fiction, but I'd also be willing to look at fantasy, mainstream/literary, action/adventure, or any kind of YA. It'd be awesome if our partnership could continue in the future with other manuscripts! (My WIP is a similar genre - sci-fi/action/adventure, but I have a finished YA fantasy that may go somewhere.)

Right now, the manuscript I'm looking for beta readers for is THE SECOND GENERATION. It's 111,000 words and definitely soft science-fiction. Its subgenre is probably action/adventure. Here's a short synopsis:

Forty-five years after a devastating attack on Earth, Natalie is traveling with her best friend to Thatcher, a refugee city for alien-human hybrids. They meet two seemingly carefree boys with a dark history at a campground, and the four decide to travel together.

When they get involved in a mob fight trying to defend a young part-alien, itís just the beginning of their problems. One of the boys is soon kidnapped, leading Natalie to decide whether she cares about her new friends enough to search for him. After a dangerous rescue, they flee to Thatcher, only to be pulled into a power struggle between the cityís leaders and an ambitious group of part-aliens. While the group prepares for a violent secession from the nation, Natalie struggles to trust her new friends, fight for their survival, and find her freedom.

I haven't posted it on SYW yet because I'm working up to 50 posts, but if you're a member of Critique Circle, you can see chapter 1 and 2 here (http://critiquecircle.com/queue.asp?action=lookupauthor&index=22705).

It's been through one thorough edit, but other than the first few chapters, no one has looked at it yet. I'd like feedback on basically anything that sticks out to you, but I'm concerned about the realism of the enemies, the pacing, character development, and the occasional strange sentence that doesn't make sense to anyone but me.

As for my style of beta-ing/critiquing/whatever you want to call it, I do some line editing as well as looking at the story as a whole. I'll write up a page or two about what I liked and what I personally think you could improve and I'll leave comments throughout the text. Right now, I'm looking at one other manuscript, so I'll be able to get back to you in 1-2 months.

If you're interested, post here, PM me, or e-mail me at emilyannward [at] yahoo.com. Thanks in advance! :)

01-21-2011, 10:24 AM
Emily, I've never beta'd before, but if you're willing to swap manuscripts, I'll give it a go. Swapping in this equitable fashion appeals to me.

My novel is a Sci-Fi (fairly hard) story about near-future first contact.

Neona (MC) creates a device that allows her to talk to civilizations across the galaxy -- civilizations from the distant past and from the distant future. When she manages to save one of the civilizations from the brink of extinction, she inadvertently asserts Earth into an interstellar war that threatens to destroy the world. Before Earth is extinguished, she must find out not only who is attacking, but what it will take for them to stand down and call off their attack.

(Sorry, I'm still working on the query/synopsis.)

It's 90K words.

I'll provide whatever feedback you want, from grammar to plot holes. But, if I'm honest, since I've never beta'd before, I should think I'm probably not the best offer you're going to get. But if you're interested, or if you have further questions about my ms, let me know. If you're iffy, I could send you the first few chapters of my ms to help you determine whether you want to commit.

Kind Regards,

01-21-2011, 06:12 PM
Hello Eward. Pm sent.

01-22-2011, 04:36 AM
PMed you both!

For others - I've got a full plate right now, but I'll comment here if, for some reason, I'm looking for betas again.