View Full Version : MOSTLY NORMAL: Need a few full MS betas!

01-02-2011, 06:42 AM
My manuscript is finished, edited, revised, and ready to send out. I have put this one through the wringer! It should be clean to read, and not riddled with grammatical errors or punctuation problems. I worked with a few betas on this, but it has been heavily revised since then. I want to ensure it is solid before it goes out on its second round of queries.

It is a very funny, light paranormal mystery. Here is a link to the first five pages:


That should be sufficient to gauge my style and see if you like the MC.

I am very happy to exchange a full beta experience. I am not looking for a permanent writing partner at this time, but if the relationship works into that I am open to possibilities. I would also be more than happy to split up a few smaller critiques (4-5) you can cash in when you wish. I've been on AW for a little while, and I'm not headed anywhere.

I have two steady crit partners here. If you want to know what kind of critique I offer, I am sure they can vouch for me! I focus on the full range of creative aspects. I will point out grammar and spelling problems if I see them, but I am not a copyeditor. I usually do line edits, notes, attachments (with alternate suggestions), and extra notes in e-mail. I am relatively quick, and I communicate well about how fast you can expect to hear from me.

I am open to working with anyone writing in ANY genre, although I prefer not to read YA or MG unless you have something really spectacularly different. For the most part, my readers have not been die-hard fantasy readers. Mine is not a typical paranormal book. I am fine if yours is.


01-04-2011, 01:33 AM
Hey, I got all the betas I needed!

Thanks for any interested looks. Please feel free to give my opening a crit if you like. Good luck to all in your own search for betas! Excellent writing partners are worth tremendous fortunes.