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12-25-2010, 01:38 PM
Note for the admins: Please don't take offense, I've published this add under two categories, so please delete one that is the wrong one. Merry Christmas!

Hello all!

I am a 3D character modeler, and I have an idea for a video game project (or just one level/quest, depending on the quality and drive of the people involved), hence I seek individuals, and amongst them writers, who think they could profit from working on such an extensive project, and include it in their cv's, school papers, or whatever they think works for them.

The applicant writer is expected to do a test, a short story for a 3D fantasy first person horror game, which would be reviewed by myself and my friend who is also a writer.

There is always the possibility that the project fails because of numerous reasons, first coming to mind is lack of discipline it being an unpaid project.

The game is concieved as a mixture, a 3D fantasy first person role playing horror.

The idea is to play a character and fight a world of monster creatures, original right? Haha
He'd normally fight his way through the game and have a normal game finish. But there would be the hidden „true“ meaning of the game (call it my personal work within the global work), and nothing in the game to point him to it.
As life.

*This hidden bit doesn't even concern the writers as it has nothing to do with the story of the game, it is something that is already determined, and it needs to be hidden from everyone to keep from spoilers.

I will be one of the modelers of the characters for the game, if it comes that far, also I made the above core synopsis, and am one of two people in charge of the whole project, and my online portfolio can be viewed at this link: http://dmitrijleppee.carbonmade.com/

The reason for this is I had this idea for a very long time and remained forgotten for even longer, but came back again the other day. And still has the power it had back then for me. And it is also perfect timing for us new generation of modelers as well cause we can't find jobs if we don't have experience on games. And we can't get that experience if that's the job requirement.

The test is:

1. To write a short story, from it's start to it's finish, doesn't have to be long, can and needn't include plots, quests, various character depictions, their roles, etc.

2. Give a title

3. Medieval era

4. Feel free to write your weirdest tale, but not obligated, it can be pretty down to earth as well, even we never know

The judginig will stop as soon as we find what we seek, or what seeks us.
Please submit your applications to [email protected] and we will conctact everyone with the results.

Best for holidays!

P.S. we are mostly based in Croatia for now, so please excuse my English, and I beg for understanding regarding the job being done via emails.