View Full Version : "Ex-Gay" Survivor

12-22-2010, 05:26 AM
My MC in a current work is a lesbian who is an "ex-gay" survivor having been involuntarily committed for treatment by her father in her late teens. She has since become successful, a well-adjusted lesbian and is not experiencing some of the more severe possible after-affects. However, she has no relationship with her family.

I am concerned about presenting her memories of what she would have experienced (during the mid 90s) probably at the "Refuge" while it was still in Marin County (I'm not sure when it was moved to Tennessee) and how she might have recovered as well as how she might now deal with her feelings about the experience.


Edit: I don't refer to her as ex-ex-gay because although she pretended for a while for acceptance from her family, she always knew she was not ex-gay. Feel free to PM me if you would prefer to discuss this privately. Let's keep it civil, please. Thanks.