View Full Version : There is a Santa - bank edition

Mr Flibble
12-17-2010, 02:49 AM
So. Today was The Day for shopping for the hols. Get pressies, get food in (most of it anyway) meet ma and Pa down town to start.

I couldn't find my cash card. Anywhere. I swore, quite a lot. I knew it was in the house, I'd last used it the night before and put it in the pocket of my work jumper.

It was not there now.

I was late for meeting Ma and Pa (and they never have their mobile switched on) so I had to run. I was thinking - I need to get money out, but the back will be a right shit. Last time I got a new card it took me 3/4 of an hour for them to give it to me even when I had my ID!

I had no ID on me. Drivers license had to get sent back (due to me being a fruit loop), passport not in date....Crap.

I have no food in the house and no way to get money out. I turned up to meet Ma and Pa but they aren't there. (turns out Ma had a puncture in her wheelchair tyre) so I went to the bank, fully expecting to have to get snotty and/or cry and not have any money for the week it takes to get a new card.

So I walk in, say to the lady (who I vaguely recognise) 'I've lost my cash card. I don;t want to cancel it cos I know it's in the house somewhere. How hard will it be to withdraw some money.'

I expected a lot of security spiel and whatnot - the only ID I had on me was a gas bill - I use my cash card as ID a lot of the time. The cash card I lost.

And lo! It was a Christmas miracle! Because she said 'Oh I know you... You're that lady who writes aren't you? You signed a copy of your book for me. I liked it by the way, very much. I'll just note here I personally know you, and then you won't need ID.'

I knew the bright red hair and leather jacket would come in handy one day....

PS I found the cash card too! Eventually - it had got tangled in with my pay slip.

12-17-2010, 04:38 AM