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12-16-2010, 08:29 AM
I just need a reader's perspective on my work. Quick and honest opinions. Below is a summary.

Chloe Delacor is certain of one thing: she is an Elemental, linked to all the Elements – everything else about her life is either lie or legend. She has been in hiding ever since she fled her besieged homeland. Monsters seen only in nightmares tried to kidnap Chloe and bring her before their master, Ichan. That day also happened to be her royally celebrated birthday. She hasn’t had many better birthdays since she settled outside an incessantly boring village with her guardians – a nanny and a knight sworn to protect her. To ensure her safety they conceal Chloe’s identity and live as commoners, forcing Chloe to do the impossible: fit in.
Everything changes when Chloe is sniffed out by a whole slew of beasts that kill her loved ones and half the villagers in their search for her. Banished and heartbroken but no longer bound by secrecy, Chloe defies all childhood counsel and embraces her Elemental status. She strikes out on an adventure to discover her purpose. Unsure of where to start, Chloe heads toward the capital where the only known Elemental lives. Throughout her journey she is shadowed by Nicholae, a boy bound to Ichan. A forbidden relationship forms between the two when Nicholae disobeys his master’s wishes and lingers with Chloe long enough to break through her protective shell.
Along the way Chloe discovers her connection with the Elements impacts the future of all nations, particularly the entire culture of the people who failed to protect her. Her purpose plays a part in their destruction, but she must fulfill it, otherwise no one will be able to stop the rise of Ichan. Chloe wants to avoid fate to save a nation, but in doing so she will be leaving the rest of the world to perish.

PM me if interested. Thanks!

12-23-2010, 08:36 AM
Are you interesting in swapping work? I'm a pretty fast and thorough beta reader and I've enjoyed working with people on this forum but I need my back scratched too, you know?