View Full Version : Looking for a permanent beta relationship...

12-15-2010, 12:42 AM
I'm currently looking for a somewhat permanent beta reader. I am in the process of rewriting my YA Urban Fantasy novel and need another set of eyes to look through it. I would prefer to send a couple chapters at a time as I edit them. I'm looking for someone who can focus on character development, plot, and overall impressions of each chapter. I'm not looking for line-by-line edits, but if that is what you prefer, feel free. Of course, I am willing to offer my services as a beta in return. However, I would only like to look at a few chapters at a time. I'm looking for a relationship that can last beyond one novel; I'd like to be able to work as betas for future novels as well. I write primarily YA Urban Fantasy, but I'm willing to work with all types of YA. Here is a short synopsis of my current WIP:

Sixteen-year-old Emma Jackson didn't know anything true about her family until she blew up the hallway at school. Now she wishes she could go back to life before the Scarlet Order, before her family started ripping her life apart. But she can't go back, and now she has a choice: side with the family that raised her and lied about everything she is or side with The Fallen, the group that wants them all dead, including her if she makes the wrong choice.

Pm me if you are interested and please include a short synopsis of your own work.