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12-09-2010, 09:40 PM
I responded to a request for a beta and she wanted a synopsis of my WIP to see if we would be a good fit. Once I wrote it up, I got the bright idea to post it here to see if anyone else would be interested in it.

I have several people I am currently exchanging work with, but I think a few more would give me a better picture of what direction my WIP needs to go.

I basically need some one to bounce ideas off of, and give me general opinions of the work overall, not line by line crits. I will deal with grammar and such once the first draft is done. Right now, I have a prologue--which needs alot of work-- and a first chapter. I am waiting on a couple of my writing partners to get back to me before moving on. They are great,and I highly value their opnions, but I think a little more diversity would help my perspective.

So read the following, and if interested, pm me. I prefer to send the WIP in email. I will return the favor, if wanted, or you can just give me your thoughts and let me know if you want to join my little group.

Sophie Anderson has always known that she, Emily and Tasha were not normal. Best friends since grade school, they shared a love of the paranormal and science fiction was more science fact for them. Tasha could start fires just by thinking about it and Emily was a human lie detector. Sophie did not have any "special" talent, but there was a connection between the three of them that could not be denied. Keeping their powers secret from even their parents, they muddled through day to day life, unaware of their true heritage.

Sophie, out of work and at the end of her unemployment benefits, signs up for a free seminar. A coupon clipper and free sample junkie, she has no intention of actually joining the weight loss program, but a free steak dinner is too good to pass up, even if she has to answer a mile long questionnaire filled with the stupidest questions. The next day she is approached by a mysterious man and offered a unique opportunity. Travel to another planet, and help colonize it. She can even recruit others and get fringe benefits. An arm chair quarterback while watching reality shows, she sees it as an answer to her and her friend's problems. Tasha is in hock to a loan shark because she refuses to take money from her controlling parents. Emily is a doormat for the abusive husband her social climbing parents practically sold her to. If she can just convince them, and herself, that the offer is legit, they could disappear and start over.

The Colony Chronicles is the beginning trilogy of a dark epic fantasy soap opera. Combining several genres, it tells the story of Sophie and her friends, and several others as they travel to the world of Tellus, an Earthlike planet, filled with many surprises. Sophie will find out the truth about her mother's murder, and find her special talent. Tasha will discover a place to fit in, her 6'2" body not an oddity on Tellus, and learn to control her fire starting. Emily will learn she is much stronger than anyone knows, especially herself, and meets someone who teaches her that not all men are like her husband and father.

As they face adventure and adversity, the true story of why they are on Tellus will come to light.

TCC will have sword and sorcery and tech too. Romance is a big theme, but HEA's may not play out the way they usually do in standard romance fantasy.Politically incorrectness and humor, along with some erotic encounters and graphic violence will pop up from time to time, so be warned. Mythilogical creatures will look familiar on the outside, but inside, well, lets just say this ain't your standard fantasy and leave it at that.

12-10-2010, 03:33 AM
In answering some questions from someone about my WIP, I came up with this. It will give you a little more insight about what the book is about. All questions and comments are welcome.

Sophies grandfather is from a planet called Emer. Emer was pretty much destroyed by the the Rathen-think Borgs from Star Trek--and Quentin and most of the survivors set out to go to Tellus, where a dissident faction had migrated to many years earlier. Their ship is damaged and they are picked up by the Sentinels(the ancient race I spoke of) and Quentin is forced into serving them, in order to ensure his peoples survival.

Once he gets to Tellus, a lot of things happen, and he ends up being exiled to Earth, along with about a thousand others.

The Game has been played for thousands of years, with gaps in between each Game. Usually, a bunch of people are taken, against their will, from earth, dropped on an island and left to defend themselves. When a disaster of great proportion happens after the the last Game, the native citizens use the Arcane--magic--to put the Sentinels in a forced sleep and refuse allow any more Games.

Now, though, the Fae--the natives--are in dire straits. Tellus is a sentient planet, and most of the mortals have died off. The delicate balance of life is disrupted and fresh blood, both figuratively and literally, is needed.

Jessa, a Seneschal(servant to the Sentinals,of which there are only 13) has come up with a plan to start up a new Game. She has her own motives for this, and plans on using Quentin to reach her goals. But this will not be an ordinary Game. Players will be recruited, not abducted, and other planets besides Earth will be wooed to send players. Jessa has a very elaborate and long term Game laid out, but it all hinges on Quentin returning to Tellus.

The Fae agree to a new Game, reluctantly and with certain provisions, because in order to save their planet they need the Sentinels, and the Sentinels need the Game.

But there are others besides Jessa who have their own agendas. The First, the original race of people of Tellus, see the Game as a perfect cover to return to power.

Sophie and company are sucked into the labrytinth schemes of each faction ,and must find a way to not only survive, but save the planet in the process.