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Alpha Echo
12-08-2010, 10:31 PM
From Chapter 1 (since I don't have a brief summary yet)

Killing him wasn't the hard part.

She needed to watch him die a long, slow, painful death. She needed to see her reflection fade from his eyes. She was necessary for him to know, as his body failed him one system at a time, the reasons for his suffering. For that, she had to be patient.

She’d never been a patient person, so waiting was the hard part.

Chastity Morgan sat on the plastic chair, holding her back rigid several inches from the backrest. Cool, dry air burst through the vent above her head and tussled her deep, auburn curls. Beside her, a window lent a view of the red, orange, and yellow leaves covering the parking lot and the bare trees surrounding the building, but she didn’t turn her head to look. The wind howled, rattling the window panes and quieting the sounds from the street. Hushed voices drifted from beyond a closed door. She folded her arms across her chest and bounced one leg over the other. Their lies didn’t matter.

If they accused her directly, she would tell them. There was nothing to hide. How much they knew was irrelevant. The truth would fight its way to the surface eventually. She’d never convinced herself otherwise, when it did, Chase would make them understand.

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