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12-08-2010, 10:16 PM
So, hello. It's really a shame to start my Absolute Write-journey with a needy note such as this, but here goes...

I'm looking for everything. Writing buddies, pre/beta-readers, maybe someone who has done the whole eBook-publishing thing themselves to mentor me etc.

I write quite a bit, nothing published yet but a lot of things in the works, including a NaNoWriMo-novel that needs to be polished and pre-read and whatnot.

Now, who am I? 30 year old woman from Finland (no, we do not have polar bears here), I've been writing since I was 5 years old, I'm sarcastic, nerdy and very blunt and I totally like that about "my people" too.

English isn't my first language, but it's a close second, har har. Most of the beta-reading or editing (if the person wishes to do that) will be about me messing up stuff because of the language thing (while writing, I usually think in English but tend to slip in stuff that only makes sense in Finnish...). There will be some grammar to correct but not much and my spelling is usually really good, so that shouldn't be a problem either.

What I write? GLBT mostly. Contemporary. I'm planning on writing some original vampire-fantasy which will probably be more or less GLBT too, but that's not a certain yet.
My NaNoWriMo is the story that needs help first. It's a M/M/M-story, not that much sex but I suppose it's erotic fiction if we want to label it. The story is almost finished and I suppose when it's done it will be around 60-70k words.

If I find someone for the pre-reading and betawork and we click, I would certainly like to have an ongoing relationship with that person instead of working with someone else the next time I need help.

The mentor-thing and writing buddies...yeah, that would be neat too, if someone is interested. PM me or post to this thread, which ever.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays, everyone! :)

12-10-2010, 02:57 AM
I would love to be your beta reader!