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12-07-2010, 09:30 AM
Hi Guys,

Now that my first novel has completed the editing phase I want to present the second one. It's a modern day paranormal based on Greek Mythology. It shouldn't need much work as it already been through two readers but I thought I should get at least one more just to be safe. I'm more than willing to swap and I'm a quick and thorough reader, so it should be a relatively painless process. Here is the blurb for the story:

If Charis had known that something as simple as finding an injured stranger, bringing him home, and patching him up would turn her world upside down she would have left him in that puddle of blood. Instead she helps him and finds herself thrust into a world of gods and magic where she hears the word "Erinyes" spoken as both a curse and a prayer.

Erinyes, a mystical goddess of justice sworn to protect mankind at the behest of the dark god Hades. She is told that she has a brilliant past that she cannot remember and an even brighter future. Forced to take all of this in moments before being thrust back into her own world, she is sent to track down a ruthless killer escaped from Tartarus. A killer that she finds to be one of the pieces to the puzzle that stands as her questionable past.

To make matters worse she finds that the golden hunk she rescued is to be her partner and handler on the hunt. A part of her past long gone Arsenios stirs emotions in her that she shouldn't feel given the circumstances of their life now and the one they lost before.

As one of the Archaeos, an ancient group of men selected by Hades to serve him, Arsenios knew the dangers of having an Anathema roam free. What's worse, he had sold his soul eons ago in order to defend against this particular monster. After spending so long guarding the hells of Tartarus he had begun to fear he had lost the ability to feel anything other than cold. Until the escape brings him face to face with Charis.

From the moment he lays eyes on her he swears that she will be his. But when he discovers that she's not only a lost Erinyes but the one responsible for his servitude he has to make the hard decision between burning for revenge or passion.

As I said, it shouldn't have much by way of corrections needed in it. I just want a new set of eyes to give it a once over before I decide to send it off. If you're interested, go ahead and toss me an email instead of a PM. I get to them quicker.

EyesThatSparkleInTheMoonLight@Yahoo.com is me, if you're interested. Title it something Beta-ish so I know it's not spam. Thanks for your interest and if you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to ask!

Nina S. Gooden

12-11-2010, 05:18 AM
Thank you for all who replied, I have found all the Beta-readers I need for this manuscript.