View Full Version : Any Shorthand or Casual Terms Used to Describe Canadian Foster Children And Provincial Wards?

11-22-2010, 09:34 AM
I'd like to find out if there are any uniquely Canadian slang terms or shorthand used by foster children to describe themselves and their predicament. My characters are from Newfoundland, although words from any part of Canada would work just fine.

I've listed some of the phrases California kids use in these situations in the last paragraph.

In California, a child growing up in foster care uses these terms in casual conversation to describe themselves and their living situation: out-of-home-care, I'm in out-of-home care, or I'm in placement. Placement also describes a new foster home or group home, such as 'I'm in a new placement' or 'The old placement just didn't work out.' State-raised is usually heard from adults who grew up in foster care, but this phrase is spoken less often by children.

Parents in California who lose children to the custody of the state will usually say 'The state took my kids.' If the child has just recently been taken away, a 'worker' took the kids.

Thanks in advance!