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11-18-2010, 05:09 PM
I am looking for feedback that will help me know if I'm on track and to move forward on my work in progress, which is a cozyish mystery with a romance subplot.

I have posted some excerpts in the Romance/Women's Fiction and Mystery/Thriller/Suspense sections of Share Your Work. Take a look to see if you're interested.

So far I've written about 25,000 words, but I need to figure out whether massive rewrites are necessary for plot reasons or whether I can just move forward from what I've got.

So I'm looking for someone who will either read through what I've written and then give feedback on a structural scale, or else someone who is willing to read a synopsis and give feedback on that.

I am not looking for line-by-line crit of the existing chapters at this point. No point in worrying about a final polish if I'm going to end up making massive cuts. What I need is someone who can look at the big picture and let me know if the clues I drop in earlier chapters suddenly make sense once you get further in, that kind of thing.

In exchange, I'll be happy to read whatever you've got and give whatever kind of feedback you're looking for. The ideal crit partner would be someone who is similarly in the middle, so we can continue exchanging chapters as we spur each other on to continue writing. But if you're at a different stage of the process and are looking for feedback on a finished draft or on writing details at a micro level, I'll adjust my comments to what you need.

11-18-2010, 10:59 PM
I'm in a slightly different spot. About 68,000 words in and trying to add 12,000 more so an agent will glance at it. I plan to stop editing by Sunday for a few weeks (due to inlaws). Can read and share if you would like. Need a good reviewer to see if the story makes sense, what holes are there, things like that. Will gladly trade a few chapters at a time.

One of my favorite mistakes in this draft "coming apart at the seems"