View Full Version : Drug information relevant to early 1959?

09-28-2005, 09:49 PM
Back again! :) I'm getting close to finishing my current story, and I need some help with how to come close to killing off my main character. Basically, my bad guys is going to try to kill her off by forcing her to take enough pills to kill her. I don't know anything about what type of pills there would've been in '59, whether they had capsules, or tablets, or both, and I also don't know exactly what she's going to be poisoned with.

If possible, I would like the pills to cause her muscles to grow weak, and her breathing to slow, and eventually completely stop. I don't know what kind of life support systems they had in '59, but if they could've kept her heart going, a drug which would cause her heartbeat to drop dangerously low would work.

If you know a drug which would cause symptoms like that if you overdosed on it, or know a place with retro information on drugs, I'll be in heaven. :Thumbs: Thanks. :)

09-28-2005, 11:38 PM
How about barbiturates? I just found this site and it says that Barbiturates were heavily abused in the 1950's

From that site, "Large doses of barbiturates produce depressed pulse rate, dilated pupils and shallow breathing. As vital life processes (such as heart and breathing rates) may be inhibited, such doses may easily cause unconsciousness and death."


09-29-2005, 02:44 AM
Barbs would be the best way to go with this. Not only were they prolific drugs of the day, they have been used in many cases of people who allegedly "got suicided" For example, Marilyn Monroe. Also, Abbie Hoffman died in 1989 of Barb OD. Incidently, it is also the drug of choice for the Hemlock Society,and other Right to Suicide organizations. For further reference, the best book I could recommend is FINAL EXIT by Derek Humphrey. He tells dosages, etc, what the death is like, etc. You can find quite a bit of good info online as well, but I can't recall any sites.

09-29-2005, 07:33 PM
Yeah, barbs match what I want right down to the letter. :D I took a peek on Wikipedia, and found an article on barbs, and managed to find one, Phenobarbital to be exact, which has been around for quite a while. The overdose symptoms are exactly what I want, so I have the drug of choice. :D Thanks! :Thumbs: