View Full Version : Looking for a co-author/ghost writer

11-07-2010, 09:03 PM
My name is Michelle. I am not a writer but a Psychology Major. I googled this website and have found a lot of knowledgable information and writers. There is also alot of posts that makes it difficult to read so I am going to post a question that has probably already been posted.

I am looking for a co-author to help me write a book about a cult. Most people when I speak of this group are shocked by the information I have. I was married for 19 years with three beautiful daughters. My husband and I started doing home bible studies with a group in McGregor MN and then eventually in New York called Living Epistles Ministries/Sheila Vitale. My wonderful husband and father turned dishonest. His eyes had physiological changes to them. My husband and daughter would come home from the cult meetings and act like zombies for two days with no emotion. I would cry. I begged my husband to get out and he said "I was not Godly enough to know the truth and that Satan ruled my mind". I have not spoken to my oldest daugther in two years. The cult tellsher I am a witch and place curses on her (proof of this in emails). The McGregor cult leader Jesse Aldrich speaks of spiritual rape that he encounters (proof).

I would like to get a book written on this cults and others. I would like to get a book written to educate, reveal, and give hope to those who have lost loved ones to cults. Most people think they will know a cult when they see one but that is not true.

If you know of anyone interested please email me back. ONLY SERIOUS ENQUIRIES please. If you could give me advice on where to go or who to talk to I would appreciate it. THANKS!