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11-02-2010, 02:18 AM
I was not sure where to post this. I am looking for a critique group in Las Vegas, NV. I did a search and could not find anything. Does anyone know a website I could find this information.

Sheila Muirenn
11-02-2010, 05:29 AM
You could try Meet-Up.

11-02-2010, 05:16 PM
BB, if you don't find one, it's fairly easy to start one yourself. That's what I did.

I took a writing class and found the critique valuable. When it ended, I asked if we could pass around a sheet with phone numbers to be shared, at each person's discretion. Another woman and I met for coffee, decided which of those people we'd like in a genre-related critique group, got on the phone, and voila! We had us a critique group, which has shrunk but it still going 18 years later.

If there's no place to take a writing class, post fliers at bookstores, libraries, coffee houses, and on college campuses, setting a time and place where those who would consider such a group can meet to discuss it.

When/if you get that far, I'd be glad to help you out with criteria we used to make the group work. (If you don't all share similar goals, for instance, you're pretty much doomed.)

Maryn, Founder of 13th Precinct (which no longer meets in the 13th Precinct of our city)

Susan Littlefield
11-02-2010, 06:28 PM

Also check with your local writers club, if you have one. Do a Google search. Our club has a liaison who connects people with critique groups already in full swing, or helps to start one. One generally does not have to be a member of the writers club to join a critique group.

11-02-2010, 09:54 PM
All of the above and see if any of your local throw-away papers accept small articles/ads for FREE. I just started a group in September and that's where I got the most response from. The last group I started was 30 years ago in Massachusetts and....it's still going!